Adobe Photoshop CS4 Windows will activate retail version UNREGISTERED

Adobe Photoshop CS4 Windows will activate retail version UNREGISTERED

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Adobe Photoshop CS4 upgrade version for Windows with previous version Photoshop CS included for upgrade eligibility.
Verified available activation slot, unregistered. GENUINE ADOBE SOFTWARE
this is a genuine, retail Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Windows. This is a an upgrade version with a full Photoshop CS included. All you need to do is type in the CS number when asked during the CS4 installation process. There is NO NEED to install CS!
NOT A FAKE like so many other CS4’s and CS5’s on

Activation has been tested and checked with Adobe customer support chat. The software is also unregistered and can be added to your Adobe account.
Has been verified as working on Windows 7 and XP. Compatibility with later OS’s like 8 and 10 is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!
It takes ten minutes or less to download the free trial from Adobe and verify that CS4 will work on your system. Most people can install CS4 on Windows 10, but for various reasons, it won’t work on a small number of systems, so trying out the trial FIRST is your best bet!
Complete in its case as shown. Includes a valid serial number that has been personally verified to have an activation available for your use. In other words, guaranteed to activate successfully through the online system.

The new owner is guaranteed to be able to install and activate the software and start using it right away.
This is the RETAIL, commercial version of the software which can be used in business or individually.

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