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Product Description

Use predefined motion paths for common motions over your photos, adjusting eases, motion durations, and cross dissolves using the timeline
Enhanced key frame tools for zooming, panning, and rotation across frames and paths
Add titles with multiple fonts & style choices, drop shadows and more
Choose from a wide variety of transitions between photos – High quality cross dissolves, wipes, slides, pushes, color burst and slide changer transitions
Add soundtracks to your movies, record voice narration for your movie, adjust the timing and fading in/out and preview your tracks in real-time

Photo To Movie turns your digital photos into spectacular QuickTime movies. Blend your photos together and pan and zoom across them, making your photos and digital artwork come alive. Frame-by-frame rendering prevents aliasing effects that lead to flicker, or create cross-dissolves using advanced algorithms Export to normal(4 – 3) or widescreen(16 – 9) movies in NTSC or PAL — or to any QuickTime format for sharing through e-mail, web, CD-ROM, and DV Maximum usability – Offers help and tutorials plus multiple language selections Localized in English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish